What is the main role of automobile brake hose in automobile brake?


The main function of automobile brake hose is to transf […]

The main function of automobile brake hose is to transfer the brake medium in automobile braking

The brake hose of an automobile bursts and causes the brake hose to separate from the pipe joint or leak.
Vacuum piping connector refers to a flexible vacuum transmission conduit:
a) It is a connector between metal pipes in the brake system;
b) No pipe joints are required during installation;
c) During assembly, its unsupported length is less than the total length of the part that contains the metal pipe.
Test conditions
1) The hose assembly used for the test should be new and should be aged for at least 24 hours. Keep the hose assembly at a temperature of 15-32°C for at least 4 hours before the test;
2) For the hose assembly for flexural fatigue test and low temperature resistance test, all accessories, such as steel wire sheath, rubber sheath, etc. must be removed before being installed on the test equipment.
3) Except for high temperature resistance test, low temperature resistance test, ozone test, and hose joint corrosion resistance test, other tests must be carried out at a room temperature of 15-32 °C.

The hydraulic brake hose assembly is composed of a brake hose and a brake hose joint. There is a permanent connection between the brake hose and the brake hose joint, and the connection is realized by crumpling or cold extrusion of the joint relative to the hose.
The hydraulic brake hose assembly or corresponding parts, under the above-mentioned test conditions, shall be able to meet the performance requirements specified in this article when tested according to the following methods.