What is the role of automobile tubing?


What is the role of automobile tubing? 1. Brake system […]

What is the role of automobile tubing?

1. Brake system
The brake system mostly uses metal raw material pipelines. Because metal has no elasticity, it will not expand at any time due to the increase of liquid pressure, which can fully ensure the transmission of braking force. The main feature is: a "medium" that uses liquid (oil) pressure to transmit the braking energy of the hydraulic system, and plays the effects of energy transmission, system smoothness, anticorrosion, rust prevention, and cooling in the hydraulic system. Therefore, the requirements for this "high-pressure" pipeline for transferring energy are very strict. It is not a general material that can be replaced. Nowadays, metal materials are mostly used, but there are more use of steel wire-like wrapping when reaching the brake disc (disc). The reason for the rubber tubing is determined by the steering change of the tires and the flexibility of the components to follow.

2. Direction boost high pressure pipe:
Mechanical or electronic power-assisted systems are more commonly used. When the power-assisted pump works (mechanical continuous operation, electronic operation is controlled by the control unit in time), it is driven by the kinetic energy of the engine (mechanical) or an independent drive motor. (Electronic) The oil pressure in the electronic hydraulic pump is driven at high pressure to move the piston of the hydraulic system in a certain direction, and then the intensity of "manual" operation is reduced to achieve the purpose of "saving effort". For such tubing, it is also a special tubing that requires multiple functions such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, smoothness, corrosion resistance, rust prevention, and cooling.

3. Air conditioner high pressure pipe
The "liquid" (freon) of the air-conditioning system flows and forms a high-pressure gas after vaporization (atomization).
Unlike household air conditioners, both heat and cold need to be obtained through compressor operations. The air conditioner of a car requires compressor operations during cooling planning, while the state of hot air can be partially supplied by the engine. During refrigeration, the high-temperature and high-pressure gas from the compressor is cooled by the unique structure inside the condenser to form a liquid state, and then flows through the throttle valve to reach the control pressure, adjust the pressure and enter the evaporating box.....This can be seen This high temperature and high pressure gas (or liquid) flows to the pipeline that needs to withstand high pressure. Therefore, the high pressure pipe of the air conditioner plays a very important role. It is more common in metal materials and also has special colloidal pipes. Model planning.