Why is the brake pad abnormal


1.  The new film is loaded with old ones. The old ones […]

1.  The new film is loaded with old ones. The old ones usually have grooves. The new ones are mounted on top and bottom of the old ones to form a sound.
Treatment: The brake pads can be processed by chamfering or disc around.

2.The new film is equipped with a new disk, the new plate or the new film is flat, the plate and the piece are not well worn, or the side is ground to form a sound.
External method: Brake for a period of time, the disc and the sheet are in good condition, and can be processed. If the flatness is severely large, the demand is re-installed.

3. The brake cylinder is not good enough to return to the position, the brake brakes cause the organic data of the brake pads to volatilize early, and the composition of the car for a period of time will constitute a sound.
Treatment method: Check the maintenance of the sub-pump, check whether the brake pads are not missing. If there is a burning piece, change the brake piece.

4. During the process of travel, sand and gravel enter the film. In the rainy season, the brake discs have water marks, and the sticky sand particles will make a sound.
Treatment: Remove the brake pads and remove the sand. If there is a trace of sand, the natural conflict will disappear.

5. The brake pads are in the cold car, and the low-frequency abnormal sound is present at low speed. In the rainy and humid environment, the disk and the sheet form an oxide layer, which simply constitutes an abnormal sound.
Brake pad manufacturer treatment method: After repeated braking, the abnormal noise will be eliminated.

6. Cold car in the morning, sometimes can hear the abnormal sound without stepping on the brakes.
Treatment: There are some problems with vehicles that do not have a brake return spring. After a few brakes, the abnormal noise will be eliminated.

7. Reversing the brakes on the brakes have abnormal noise, because most of the brakes are moving forward, some brake pads will constitute some burrs, so when the brakes on the brakes, the glitch and the brake disc conflicts abnormally.
External method: This condition can be left untreated, or it can be removed and polished.

8. The brake pad conflict data has obvious hard debris, this kind of hard debris will constitute a large scratch on the brake disc, which constitutes a sound.
Treatment method: Remove the brake pad, you can clearly see the hard point, use the needle to pull out the hard object, polish it and clean it, or replace it with a new one.

9. The problem of formulating conflict data or the problem of unqualified data entering the factory constitutes a sound.
Treatment method: replace the new brake pads with qualified quality in time